Taking Stock – the end of the first full week of closure.

We are coming to the end of our first full week of school closure since the escalation of Covid-19. It is time to take stock and update everybody on how things are going.

  1. Our school has remained open for the children of some key workers. We have been enormously grateful to all the key worker parents for their understanding and support in minimising the number of children using the school provision. Whilst staff are – of course – keen to support the very necessary work going on, we are also all mindful of the need to stay home and reduce the footfall at school. Your ongoing encouragement and sensible approach has helped us hugely.
  2. Home learning continues to blow our socks off! The staff have been using the class pages on the website to suggest daily activities and to provide links to interesting things, and parents and children have worked wonders at home. We are very aware that this is an extraordinary time and we want you to have the resources you need to help you but not to put pressure on you either. Please pick and choose the suggestions that work for your family; none of the teachers are going to be upset if you don’t do something.
  3. We have begun to make contact with people over the phone, or by email, to check in with how everybody is getting on. Please don’t panic if you get a phone call! We just want to say hello and to let you know we are thinking of you all!
  4. We are all adjusting to the prospect of this period of school closures being something that may continue for several weeks – maybe even months. We will all have to get used to new ways of staying in touch and supporting one another. With this in mind, our approaches to supporting learning at home will be being reviewed and developed to respond to the needs of our school community.
  5. For those families normally in receipt of free school meals (not free EYFS/KS1 meals), we await the details of the government voucher scheme and will update those entitled to this as soon as we have details.

Stay home and stay safe everybody. You are all very important to our school family; we miss you and can’t wait to be working together again in the future.