Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

We often refer to the children in Reception as being in the Early Years Foundation Stage. This name recognises the importance of what we do in the early years of a child’s school life.

Mrs Chadderton (Mon-Wed) & Miss Roberts (Wed-Fri) are the teachers in Room 4

We work very hard to set the foundations for which a child will be able to build upon in their future education. We often describe it like a pyramid of tin cans. If we do not ensure that all of the necessary learning has taken place in Reception, the Key Stage 1 teachers will not be able to build upon this. Everything that children do in Room 4 helps to contribute to making their foundation in education the very best for themselves as an individual learner.

In the Early Years, as throughout school, we offer an open door policy. We strongly encourage you to come in and meet with us or contact us if you have any questions or concerns about anything. We want to work closely with you; we recognise the importance of the partnership that we have with you as parents and know that getting this right will have a hugely positive impact on your child and their learning.

Curriculum Matrix Spring 2016 Early Years


All children in Reception will be assessed against the Foundation Stage criteria. (Link here to Early Learning Goals)

The above assessments are reported nationally. The EYFS profile is used to forecast outcomes for pupils when they reach Year 2.

In addition to this we have a ‘test week’ (age appropriate) towards the end of each term, which helps the teacher establish the next steps for each pupil’s learning.

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