Looking to the future.

I asked Mrs Rowe what would be the first thing she would do when the lockdown ends and she told me about a great idea.

You will need a jar and paper and a pen(cil)

It’s likely that during this period of isolation we will have lots of moments thinking of things that we would love to be doing right now but for obvious reasons it would not be safe or sensible (or legal) to do so. However, every time you think of something all you do is write it down on your piece of paper and pop it in the jar. Then when the restrictions are lifted you can work your way through all your wishes.

It might be:

  • Your birthday party (postponed due to isolation)
  • A walk to the sweet shop
  • A visit to Grandma
  • A day at the seaside
  • A trip to the cinema
  • A walk in the park
  • A get together with friends
  • A picnic

Top of my list (after seeing all my family again) will be a visit to Llandudno – goat spotting 🙂

Thank you Mrs Rowe, what a lovely idea and positive planning for when life returns to normal – which it will!


Harry Potter at Home

I’ve just discovered this website today which sounds very exciting!  The are lots of things on here already and it sounds like there are plans for more.  There’s also a link to audible where it says Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is on there for free, particularly handy for those of us in Room 2 as we’ve been reading this this term and the term ended with about 2 chapters left  😩 so it would be great if the children could listen to the end – if you haven’t finished it already!


Easter Gardens

Room 4 have been working hard at home learning about the Easter story, as part of their learning they have created Easter gardens. Here are some of the amazing ones I have received so far! Can you spot the caves and the crosses in each of them?

Music Ideas

The BBC Ten Pieces website is an excellent site for children (and adults) wanting to listen to some carefully curated pieces of classical music. After the Easter break, the Ten Pieces team will be putting together creative activities to accompany each of the pieces. In the meantime, explore the site and enjoy!

Ten Pieces