Happy Easter

Have a great Easter break everybody. I am sad not to be able to say goodbye to you and send you off for a ‘normal’ holiday. I know this break will be a bit different but I hope you all have a lovely time and get to make the most of the nicer weather, lighter evenings (even if it is just sitting out in the garden) and time together with your family.

You have so much to proud about, Year 6. You have continued to work hard using the online learning tools and coped brilliantly with the sudden change that took us all by surprise.

Create an Easter Garden

Here is a suggestion for you to do either this afternoon, or you might like to have something to work on during Holy Week (which begins with Palm Sunday on 5th April).

Check out Room 4’s page – our Reception children have made some amazing Easter gardens and I thought you might like to try too.

You will need:
– something to be a base (it could be a plate, a tray, a tin foil baking tin)
– some soil to create a landscape
– pebbles, moss, small plants (please ask before you start digging up flowers) to create the garden and shape around the tomb
– something to create a tomb to represent the place where Jesus’s body was laid – you could use a flowerpot on its side, an empty yoghurt pot – be creative!
– sticks to create three crosses

If you google ‘Easter Gardens’ you will see loads of examples you could use for inspiration.

Free Write Friday

Enjoy the chance to spend some time writing in whatever style, genre and form you want.
I loved reading the stories, recipes, diaries, biographies and poems that I got sent last week. Thank you for sharing your ideas with me.

Friday Maths

Double up day! I am attaching two activities today (you do not have to do both of them but you can if you are wanting the extra challenge!).

Remember – you can print the activities after watching the video, or you can work from them on the screen and record the answers in your home learning book. Either is fine!
White Rose Maths

Ratio lesson 4

ratio lesson 5

Website and Home / School Survey


Dear Parents

I would be very grateful if you could find the time to complete the survey below. I am seeking your views about our new website and the ways in which we are communicating with you during the Covid-19 crisis. Your views are important, especially when it may be a significant amount of time before normality returns.

To access the survey, please click HERE.

Many thanks

Mr Langford

A Special Pontesbury Dance Lesson!

We are so lucky. A very generous dance teacher (that some of you may recognise) has made a Pontesbury Dance lesson for the children at our school.

This could be your PE for the day! If you can, why not ask a grown up to video you dancing so we can share it with the dance teacher as a thank you for her kindness.

DT Week Challenges!

Some people have been sending me photos of their junk towers and dens. I love seeing everybody’s creative efforts! Here are a couple of examples to inspire you, if you haven’t had a go yet:

Joab opted to make pizzas for his food technology challenge – what a delicious looking choice!
George and Yasmine both managed to create junk structures to support a Lego figure. Love the look of Yasmine’s cosy den next to Patch!
Aerlie’s bread looks amazing – I am getting quite hungry sitting here…