Happy Easter

As this will be my last post until the end of the holidays I just wanted to say well done to all of the children in room 7. They have adapted really well to learning at home and have produced some fantastic work. If you want to see some please look through earlier pages or let your child show you the classroom.

I would also like to thank the parents for supporting your child during these difficult times.

It is now the Easter holidays where the children can hopefully enjoy themselves without the pressure of school work.  There will be no work set either here or in the classroom.

If your child is getting bored I have put a lot of links to things they could do if they wanted. These include a variety of topics.  You will find this under the information tab at the top of this page. I have told the children they can put ideas for each other in the classroom if they wish but I will not be commenting on them during the holidays.

Happy Easter to you all.

Mr. Morris

More from our DT week

Some more of our fantastic work from our DT.

Austin’s fantastic castle is well worth a look.

Bailey Lowe’s – Castle  please click to look then have a look at his cakes

Hogwart’s castle by Jamie

Pizza more gorgeous food from Jamie

Maisie’s superb castle

Lily’s Castle too

PE with Lucy before she shows us all of the stages of making a pizza


If you haven’t yet looked at our information page using the tab above please do so as there are lots of links to help over the next couple of weeks (if needed)

Friday’s work.

So we get to the last day of term. It has been a very strange term but one where the children have shown what absolute stars they are. I am very priviliged to be their teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at their work over the last two weeks and seeing how they have positively responded to each other. Normally on a Friday we would have PE, maths, English, French and then our library slot where they curl up with their book. If you wish your child to follow this there are links below. Alternatively they could be finishing off their making and baking. Later in the day I will post some more pictures of things they have been doing. Please also look at the information tab where there are links you might want to use over the Easter holidays as there will be no posts over this time.

PE Joe Wicks will start your day off.

Maths is the next lesson using white rose. Alternatively get the children practising their times tables

English is a lesson to practise their punctuation and grammar. Answer sheets are included

French – for this the children can use duolingo

Library – sorry no links as the children can curl up with their book.

Have a super last day of the term. Please remember I am happy if you want to contact me with any questions. I will post again later in the day.


Website and Home / School Survey


Dear Parents

I would be very grateful if you could find the time to complete the survey below. I am seeking your views about our new website and the ways in which we are communicating with you during the Covid-19 crisis. Your views are important, especially when it may be a significant amount of time before normality returns.

To access the survey, please click HERE.

Many thanks

Mr Langford

Creative Year 5’s

Year 5 have been very creative. Have a look at their marvellous efforts by clicking on the links.


Easter card by Jamie

Scotch eggs baked by Jamie

A castle using minecraft by Josh

A video from Sopia Z showing the difference soap makes.

Maddie made a castle using three different things




Yummy biscuits from Jamie (I think he’s heading for a career as a chef!)

Scones Scones by Seth

by Seth

Feeling hungry?

Really hungry?  Some lovely baking from Madeleine


You can see why I am so impressed with their talents.

Thursday’s work.

Good morning. Wow this week is flying by!

Ideally the children are continuing with their DT work. I have been very impressed with efforts I have seen so far. If they want some links for ideas they can scroll down to earlier in the week. I’m sure they won’t need to do this as they seem to know what they are making and baking from looking at their comments in the classroom.

For those that want the normal day we would have been doing the following:

Maths continuing with white rose. The lesson will depend on how much maths people have done this week.

English is working on punctuation and grammar. There are different levels and come with answers

Accelerated reading would help check understanding of the book the children are reading

RE is linked with Good Friday. The children are to take notes on the powerpoint

PSHE it would be useful if you could discuss as a family how this week has gone and how the children feel.

Useful links that aren’t DT:

Times tables if children know their times tables their overall maths ability will increase

Joe Wicks is live at 9:00am to get you fit for the day

Here you can hear David Walliams read a chapter of one of his books from 11:00am

At the top of this page is a tab that says information if you click on this you will see there are more links.

As ever, if you have any questions please get in touch


Wednesday’s work.

The children have been working brilliantly on their D & T work. I would like them to continue with this today and indeed for the rest of the week. They can use the links from Monday and Tuesday for their ideas. They may also look in the classroom as some of the children have offered great ideas towards each other. Remember – any making or baking this week is great.

For those that want links to a ‘normal’ timetable here goes.

maths https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ the lesson they do depends if they have done any maths this week.

english SPaG lesson differentiated with answers

science Why Soap Works Experiment Instructions which seems quite apt at the moment

pe Joe Wicks I am sure you know all about this

Accelerated reader is now available at home from 8:45 – 3:15 but please only do one quiz a day

Times tables learn one times table at a time. Master these and your maths ability will double or should I say times 2?

As ever if you have any questions please get in touch.

Times tables

During the Easter holidays there will be NO work set. If you want to do any school work with your child please get them to learn their tables. When I was a child I had chicken pox when I was 9 or 10 and during the time I was off school I practised my tables by writing them out, covering them up and writing them again. I then mixed the order of the table I was learning. This meant that I KNEW my tables rather than just saying it off by heart as a chant.

Fortunately the children do not have to write them out again and again, although they can, as there are websites that help.


Did you know that by the end of Year 4 children are supposed to know ALL of their tables?


times tables

If the children click on the above link they have a choice of tables to learn. The work is then broke down into sections:

view, read aloud and repeat

test themselves in sequence with the computer checking their score

drag answers to the questions

test themselves in a shuffled order

multiple choice


If they know their tables their maths scores will improve. Pick a table and keep practising that table until they know it.