Friday 22nd May

Hello everyone,

Hooray! It’s the last day before half term!! I know you are all feeling a little bit tired and fed up today so I have tried to plan some nice easy things for you all to do. As always, dip in and out of it and just do whatever is going to work for you.



To continue with your work on addition and subtraction, I have got a board game for you to try out at home. It’s a nice easy game that you can have a go at with the whole family. All the instructions and the game are below.

Addition and Subtraction Board Game



I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Draw With Rob (if you have older siblings in school, they might have had a go at this). He will teach you how to draw different pictures in a very easy to follow way. Have a go at the one below, or choose your own off his YouTube channel.


Letters and Sounds;

So today might be a nice time to go on Phonics Play and just select your favourite game to play to recap your Phase 3 sounds and tricky words. I know our favourite one is Buried Treasure (we like to watch the pirates fall in the water) but you can choose whatever you like!


Have a lovely day and a fabulous half term. I hope the sun shines, you manage to have fun with your families and that you find some lovely things to do.

I’m missing you all and feeling very proud of how well you are all coping at home.

Miss Roberts x



Thursday 21st May

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve all been enjoying this sunny weather and having lots of fun in the garden. Today we will be doing Maths, Understanding the World and Letters and Sounds.



There’s not too much to do for maths today, we have had a go at remembering how to add and subtract, but today we are going to do both! Have a look at the symbols in the questions to work out whether you are going to have to add or subtract to find the answer. Use the number line to help you, and remember – if you are adding you go UP the number line, if you are subtracting you go DOWN the number line.

Addition and Subtraction to 20


Understanding the World:

I would like you to have a little look at whatever it is you decided to grow a few weeks ago. Has it changed? What has happened to it? Has it done what you thought it might do? Or is it too soon to tell? Check the prediction that you wrote and see if you were right!

Either discuss the changes with an adult, or write it down if you feel up to it.


Letters and Sounds:

I heard that you all loved the colouring that we did last week, so I thought you could do another one today. It’s definitely a nice activity to have a go at in the sunshine! Can you complete the ‘z, zz, ch, sh, qu’ sheet today please?

Colour by Phoneme


Have a lovely day everyone, I will be in school today so I won’t be able to see what you’re doing until a bit later and may also be posting work for tomorrow a little later than usual too.

Miss Roberts x

Wednesday 20th May

Hello everyone,

Today we will be doing Literacy, Maths, Letters and Sounds and Yoga so just dip in and out of whatever is going to suit you. The weather is supposed to be glorious today so make sure you get some chance to enjoy it!



Continuing with our Gingerbread Man work, today we are going to pretend that we are the fox! Have a think about what he might want to say to the Little Old Lady or the Little Old Man for eating the Gingerbread Man! How could he make it better? It might go something like this:

I am very sorry for eating the Gingerbread Man, he just looked so tasty. I know he was your Gingerbread Man and I shouldn’t have eaten him. I promise I will never eat anything of yours again, and I will help you make another Gingerbread man if you would like?

Love from,

The Fox

There is a postcard template below for you to use if you like. Again, remember to share as much of the writing with a grown up as you need to.

Postcard Template



Today we are recapping some subtraction work. I have got a game for you to play first just to help you get back into the swing of it.

And then I’d like you to have a go at one of the worksheets below.

If you feel like you need to take it easy, then have a go at this one:

Subtraction to 10

If you’d like a bit more of a challenge, then try this one:

Number Line Subtraction

There are a few different levels of difficulty for this second sheet. The trickiest sheet where you need to work out the missing numbers is a skill that we wouldn’t tend to teach until Year 1, so I would recommend avoiding that one.


Letters and Sounds:

Mrs Hilditch very helpfully found a YouTube channel with Letters and Sounds lessons on there from the Department for Education. Have a little look and see if there is anything useful, really you want to be watching either the blending videos or anything from the Reception playlist – from what I can see all the videos on that playlist are focusing on Phase 3 sounds and tricky words.

Have a little look and let me know what you think. If nothing else, it’s 15 minutes where you can take a break and let someone else teach your child!



Find your favourite video, or have a go at this one:

If you are enjoying yoga from home, my lovely yoga teacher Gail is offering free online classes for children on a Sunday from 10-10.45. They are delivered via Zoom and all based around stories. If you’re interested at all, you can find her on Facebook or Instagram at Ginger Yoga and send her a message to get a link to the class. Just thought I would let you all know in case any of you are interested!


Have a fab day,

Miss Roberts x

Tuesday 19th May

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing alright, I know we’re probably all starting to feel a little bit more tired and naggy as we approach half term. Take it easy if you need to and remember you can just pick and choose activities off the website as they suit you. Today we will be doing Forest School, Literacy and Letters and Sounds.


Forest School:

I know lots of you have really been enjoying your daily walks and just being able to get out of the house as much as you can. I thought when you go on your walk one day this week, you might want to have a little look at the trees around you. I have got a Leaf ID sheet below so that you can see how many different trees you can spot on your walks. You will need to look at the leaves on the trees to help you identify what each one is. The Woodland Trust website also has lots of other good outdoor activities if you wanted to have a little look.

Leaf ID Sheet



Continuing with our Gingerbread Man work, I have got some writing for you to do today. The good news is, the sentences have already been started for you, so you will just need to think about what to write at the end of each. Remember – do whatever is going to work best for you and share as much of the writing with a grown up as you need to.

The Gingerbread Man Writing Prompt


Letters and Sounds:

Today I would like you to have a go on the Rocket Rescue game on Phonics Play. You will need to listen to the word and type it into the box to collect all the pieces of the rocket. We have done this in school and we were getting really good at our typing skills! Ideally I would like you to have a go at the Phase 3 option, but it is up to you! It might be handy to have your sound mat next to you to help you too.


Have a fab day everyone!

Miss Roberts x

Letters and Sounds Answers

I hope you all had fun with this activity today and enjoyed working out the answers. Let’s see how many you got right!

These all started with ‘s’ (swim, smile, Santa, snail, sun, star)

These all had the ‘ch’ sound in them (chicken, cherry, peach, cheese, beach)

These all had the ‘ee’ sound in them (teeth, feet, monkey, wheat, key)

These all had the ‘air’ sound in them (bear, chair, hair, pear, fairy)

These all had the ‘ai’ sound in them (wave, rain, rainbow, skate, brain)

The odd one out was car as it didn’t rhyme (lock, clock, car, sock)

The odd one out was onion as it didn’t have the ‘oa’ sound in it (arrow, onion, boat, goat)

And finally, the odd one out was snowflake is it didn’t have the ‘ur’ sound in it (plaster, circle, burger, snowflake)


Let me know how many you got right!

Miss Roberts x

Monday 18th May

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today we will be doing Maths, Literacy and Letters and Sounds.



This week we will be recapping our addition and subtraction skills. Today we will be concentrating on addition. You may want to begin today by counting forwards and backwards to 20 to get your head back into counting in ones. Then I have some online games for you to play, there are a couple to choose from. The first is nice and easy and only goes up to 10 and has pictures for you to count to help you work out the answers, it might be best to start with this one.

The second is a little trickier as there are no pictures to count, so I would suggest you have some practical resources around you to help you work out the answers. Counters, beads, Lego, pasta even little bits of paper will work for this. There are a few different levels so choose which suits you best!

Have fun!



We’re going to continue doing some work on the Gingerbread Man this week. I hope you all enjoyed your baking last week – I saw lots of very delicious looking treats! Today I would like you to think about what each character might be thinking during the story and write a speech bubble for them. You can just write one speech bubble, or all of them, you can write it all yourself, or share the writing with your grown up – it really doesn’t matter. As always, do whatever is going to work best for you and your household!

Gingerbread Man Thought Bubbles


Letters and Sounds:

Something a little bit different today – thank you to Eva’s mum for sharing this idea!

Below are a selection of emojis and some questions about them. You will need to think about the sounds in each of them to try and work out the answers. I will be posting the answers to these later on in the afternoon, so no chance for cheating sorry! Hope you have fun with this activity – it’s a good chance for working together to try and work out the answers, you could even get older siblings involved. Click on the image to make it larger – hopefully you can see all the pictures clearly.


Have a lovely day!

Miss Roberts x

Golden Achiever – Pressing Pause

As time in lock down goes on we are very aware of the pressures and challenges facing families. Although we love celebrating your fantastic efforts, we have decided to stop posting Golden Achiever posts as we recognise that for some children and parents this is making Thursdays and Friday mornings a bit stressful.

Your class teachers will still be letting you know how brilliantly you are doing!

Friday 15th May

Hello everyone,


Well done for making it to the end of the week! Today we will be doing Maths, Understanding the World and Letters and Sounds.



Yesterday you should have had a go at counting in 5s and hopefully you spotted the pattern on the 100 square too. Today I would like you to complete the worksheet below and fill in the missing numbers by counting in 5s, use your completed 100 square from yesterday to help you. There are different levels on the sheets – winter is the easiest, and spring is the trickiest, so choose whichever suits you!

Counting in 5s


Understanding the World

Today we are going to have a little think about technology. There are lots of different types of technology all over our houses and we use them every day! But for your challenge today, I would like to see how many different pieces of technology you can find around your home that don’t have screens (think remotes, washing machines, doorbells, battery operated toys etc.)

Take pictures of what you find, or draw pictures, or write a list. The choice is yours!


Letters and Sounds:

Can you have a go at the worksheet below today please? You will need to read the words and write them next to the correct pictures. Like the other day, if you want to make it more tricky then cut the words off the bottom and write them using your word builder and sound mat.

‘ai’ and ‘ee’ matching sheet


I hope you all have a lovely day and an even better weekend! I am so proud of how you are all doing at home and still missing you all a lot.

Miss Roberts x

Sam’s Calligram for Room 4

Sam has been inspired by the work his brother in Room 3 has been doing and has made a calligram for Room 4 with all of our names on it. Isn’t it lovely!? Have a look and see if you can spot your name. (Click on the picture to see the whole thing.)

Thank you Sam!

Letters and Sounds

Unfortunately it looks like the Letters and Sounds link that I put up is no longer working!

I’ll try my best to explain the activity on here…

You will need:

1 dice

Pieces of paper with the Phase 3 sounds on


Lay the sounds out on the floor in a path or rainbow shape and roll the dice. You will need to move that many spaces and then say the sound that you land on, then repeat. You can do this as many times and with as many players as you like!


I hope that all makes sense.

Miss Roberts x