Friday 3rd April

Good morning everybody,

I hope you are all well and ready for your work today.    I thought you might like a little colouring challenge this morning.

Find the answers to these number sentences, colour them in the correct colour, and see what picture you end up with.

Friday Morning Maths

For your maths today,  I would like you to gather a team of people to help you.  Any available adults or brothers or sisters.  You are going to have to work as a team to solve …’The Mystery of Eggleton Village’s smashed Easter Egg Hunt!’

Friday Easter Egg Hunt Fun

Just in case you want to check that you solved the mystery correctly…

Friday Answers

As if you haven’t had enough fun, don’t forget to do your spelling test.  Let me know how you get on.

For your reading today I have included an Easter comprehension for you to have a go at.  Comprehension 2 is the trickier one.

Friday Comprehension 1

Friday Comprehension 2

For your afternoon work, I would like you to have a little play on Music Lab.  We have been leaning about pitch and rhythm this term.  The games that link to these topics are ‘Song Maker’  and ‘Rhythm’ but have a play.  It is so much fun!!

Music lab

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter Holiday. Thank you for all of your hard work, you are all doing a fantastic job and I am really, really proud of all of you.   Keep in touch  and let me know how you are getting on.  I have missed you all but getting your emails has made me very happy so thank you.

Love from Mrs Pope x

Website and Home / School Survey


Dear Parents

I would be very grateful if you could find the time to complete the survey below. I am seeking your views about our new website and the ways in which we are communicating with you during the Covid-19 crisis. Your views are important, especially when it may be a significant amount of time before normality returns.

To access the survey, please click HERE.

Many thanks

Mr Langford

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning everybody,

I hope you are all well and have had a good breakfast.

For Morning Maths this morning, I would like you to have a look at something we have done in class before.  Does anybody recognise these?

These are target times table challenges.   Multiply the number in the middle by the numbers touching it and write your answer in the space. Just like this.

For your maths today, I would like you to continue with practising telling the time.

You know what to by now.  If you are confident with o’clock and half past, move on to quarter to and past.  If you are confident with quarter to and past, move on to reading around the clock face in 5 minute jumps.

Class Teaching Clock

If you would like to, there is a game you can play where you get to practise your learning.  Again, choose the game that is the best fit for you.

Thursday O’Clock and Half Past game

Thursday O’Clock, Half Past, Quarter To and Past game

Thursday 5 Minute Intervals time game

Please can you practise your spellings.  You could write them in your handwriting book if you wish.

Find somewhere lovely to read and share a few stories.  If you like the stories of David Walliams,  he is sharing some of the stories he has written every day at 11am.


This week we would have been doing some cookery for our Design and Technology.    I would like you to think about your favourite sandwich, wrap or pitta bread filling. we are going to design and make our own sandwiches.

Before you start to design your own sandwich, check what ingredients you are allowed to use and have in the house.  Nobody should go shopping to complete this task.  If you can’t make a real sandwich,  design and make a picture of a sandwich, or make it out of Lego or Playdoh.

Right so, I’d like you think about your sandwich.

  • What ingredients would you include?
  • Is it going to be sweet or savoury?
  • What type of bread will you use- bread, wrap, roll, brown, white, wholemeal?
  • How are you going to make it healthy?  What vegetables or fruit could you include?
  • What will be your main filling?
  • Will you need any sauces like mayo or salad cream or even chocolate sauce?

Draw a picture of your sandwich and label it.

If your adult at home has time to make your sandwich with you,  you can get your ingredients out, prepare them, and make your sandwich.

Remember, if you are using knives, make sure you use them carefully and with an adult to help you if needed.

Once you have munched away on your sandwich,  can you write simple instructions, that someone else could follow, to make your sandwich.

Think about:

What you need:

cheese, egg, lettuce, plate, knife?

What steps you took to make your sandwich.




Finally think about how it tasted.  Did you enjoy it as much as you thought you might or was it missing an ingredient?

If you are not too exhausted after your sandwich designing and making… why not have a bit of a crafty afternoon making an Easter card for or with your family.

This is a lovely simple one, but one of my favourites.

Have a look at the web search below and choose one that you can make…without turning the house upside down and creating a kitchen craft explosion!

Easter card search

When you have finished making your cards, please can you help tidy up your mess!

Have a lovely afternoon.  Make sure you get outside for some fresh air.

Love from Mrs Pope x


Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everybody,

I cannot believe it is April already!

Here is your morning maths.  Today I would like you to practise your doubling and halving skills by playing a little game.

Wednesday Morning Maths


Again, we are continuing with telling the time.

Practise o’clock, half past, quarter to and past times.  Like yesterday, if you are really confident move on to counting around the clock fact in 5s.  Remember to check past and to.

Teaching Clock


Today I’d like you to practise adding and taking away hours from times.  The times are all o’clock or half past times.

If you’d rather just keep using the clock, use another of yesterdays sheets or play the clock game, all or any of the above is absolutely fine.

Wednesday Maths


For your English work I’d like you to carry on with the work you started yesterday on the types of sentences.  Today, just focus on explanation or statement sentences.

Hint: exclamation sentences often start with how or what.

There are 2 sheets.  Sheet 2 is a little bit tougher than sheet 1.

Statement or Exclamation 1

Statement or Exclamation 2

Please can you practise your spellings.  Try writing them with your eyes closed.  If you are feeling extremely confident can you write them backwards?  That is really tough!!!

Curl up somewhere warm and snuggly and read a bit of your book.  You could also spend some time listening to some of the audio books, free on the internet.

Audible Books

This afternoon is our science afternoon.

Have a look at the sheet below, can you match the African animals to their habitat and their adaptions that help them to survive there?

African Animal Adaptions

To help our garden habitats,  you could make a mini beast bug hotel.  Give the creatures that roam our garden habitats a comfy home to live in.


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all well and you had a good day yesterday.

For this morning’s Morning Maths I would like you to have a go at the sheet below.  Today we are revisiting and practising column subtraction. See what you remember.

Top Tip:  Remember to start with the ones column!

Tuesday Morning Maths

I hope it all came back to you!

For your maths activity, I would like you to use the teaching clock again.  Practise o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.Make sure you are confident with these before you move on.

If you are really confident,  begin counting around the clock face in 5’s.  Ask you adult to help you and show you how it’s done.  This is tricky but it will really help you when you are telling the time.

Here are some sheets for you to have a go at.  Choose the one that is most suitable for you.

O’Clock times

O’clock and half past times

Quarter to and past times

Time counting in 5 minutes

Make sure that you put the hour hand in the right place too!

For your English,please can you read through the PowerPoint below.  Today we are looking at different types of sentences.  Commands, questions, statements and exclamations.

Types of sentence PowerPoint

Have a go at saying a few different types of sentences with the people you are at home with,  can they guess what types of sentences they are?

Now look at these sentences.  Divide your page into 4 and sort the sentences into:





Sentence sort

You can either read your book or have a go at the reading comprehension below,  the choice is yours.  Choose the comprehension that is best for you.  1 is easier, 3 is more tricky.

Reading Comprehension 1

Reading Comprehension 2

Reading Comprehension 3

Please can you practise your spellings.

Tuesday afternoons are normally PSHE and PE.

For your PE

Comic Kids Yoga.

You could choose a yoga session from the search above, or  you could go for a walk or a jog.  Do some dancing, run round in the garden, ride your bike or, if you have lots of energy, all of the above!


Today I’d like you to find a mirror, make sure you ask permission first, and use it to draw a self portrait.  Look carefully at the shape of your face, nose and eyes.  You can then colour and paint it if you wish.

Have a lovely day.  Keep well and enjoy plenty of fresh air.

Keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on.  If you need anything, just email me.

love from Mrs Pope x



Happy Monday! 30.3.20

Good morning everybody,

I hope you are all well and ready to tackle another week of home learning. I was so impressed with you all last week,  you have worked really hard and I love seeing what you are doing.  Remember, what I write for you to do each day is just a suggestion,  if you cannot fit it all in please don’t worry.  We are all muddling through the best we can.

Morning maths

Monday Morning Maths


Right, brace yourselves!  This week we are going to begin by looking at time.

You can use this online clock to practise telling the time.  Start with the simple o’clocks and half pasts,  then move on to the more tricky quarter pasts and to.  Remember to look at where the hour hand is,  at half part the hour hand is between the hours, at quarter past, the hour hand has just left the hour but by quarter to, it is nearly at the next hour.

When you are feeling confident with o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to, have a go at this game.

Press play and choose the times you are most comfortable with.

Please practise your new spellings.

If you wish to, you can have a look at the phonics work below and choose one or two activities from it during the week.

Spelling Book Practise


Talk through the PowerPoint below.

Subordinating Conjunctions for Room 3

Have a go at this sheet.

Monday English Task

Find yourself a lovely, cosy spot and read your reading book.


Monday is our PE afternoon so today I’d like you to choose an activity you love to do.  It could be football or skipping, dance or jogging.

If you’d like to, there are some outdoor activity cards for you to print out and use with your family.  Make sure you keep them so that they can be reused whenever you wish.


…It is also our art afternoon…

Why not have a go at making a mini beast pebble to brighten up your garden.

Mini beast pebbles

Have a lovely day and let me know how you get on today.

Mrs Pope x


Room 3’s Golden Achiever!

This week I would like to award Noah Room 3’s Golden Achiever.  Noah has sent me some lovely videos and pictures of his work.  Not only this but he has continued to send me solar system facts each day to ensure that my knowledge about space and our universe grows.  Thank you Noah, you are a star 💫 and you have made me smile…a lot!

Friday 27th March

Well I cannot believe it is Friday already!

For your Morning Maths today, I would like you to have a look at this.  With your grown-up talk through what you notice in the top table.  Use this to help you write sums in the grid below.

Morning Maths Friday

Friday is spelling test day!  Let me know how you get on.  Remember, If you get them all right, you get a house point.  Mums and dads can give these out too…even for tidying your bedroom!


Please have a look at the sheet below, practising the skills we have been using this week.  Again use your 100 square to help you count on if you wish.



Friday Maths     

100 square



Today I would like you to write the last part of your story.  Look at the next 4 pictures of your plan.  Think carefully about what you are going to write.  Can you try and make sure you include these success criteria, same as yesterday.

  • Your story is written in sentences with capital letters and full stops.
  • you have included a little speech punctuated correctly
  • you have included some expanded noun phrases – mean,nasty croc  or ugly,smelly rhino…

Send pictures of your stories/ books.  Keep them safe and we can put them in our Reading Area when we come back to school.

This afternoon is music/PE.  Have a go at some African dancing. Make sure you are listening to the rhythm of the music, this will help you keep in time.    Be prepared to shake those hips!

Have a fantastic weekend and I will speak you you all on Monday.  Remember to email me to let me know how you are getting on and if you enjoyed the dancing!