Happy Easter Holidays, everyone! Well done to all children who have been working hard on our home learning activities, we are super proud of you all. We hope you and your families have a change of pace and some time to do fun things together. We hope the sun is going to shine for all you superstars out there!

If you would like to make your family an Easter card, there are lots of ideas here:

Easter cards


English and Maths

Hello Everyone! For English, I would like you to write Part 2 of The Bear and The Piano, please. What happens next? Does the bear stay in the woods or go off on another adventure? Do his friends go with him this time? What do they do together? Who do they meet? You can write down some initial ideas for your plan and then have a go at writing Part 2 of the story. If you don’t finish today, you could carry on over the holidays.

Remember the things we have learned about this term – using description, showing not telling, fronted adverbials, dialogue, using conjunctions, and writing in paragraphs.

For Maths today, please complete lesson 5.



Website and Home / School Survey


Dear Parents

I would be very grateful if you could find the time to complete the survey below. I am seeking your views about our new website and the ways in which we are communicating with you during the Covid-19 crisis. Your views are important, especially when it may be a significant amount of time before normality returns.

To access the survey, please click HERE.

Many thanks

Mr Langford


It would be our library slot today so get cosy with one of your favourite books or listen here to an audio story from The World’s Worst Children by David Walliams. There is a new story added each day.


Alternatively, you could read the questions in the ‘Question time’ section on Pobble. There is a picture for each day and a few other activities to keep you going. You can swipe through past days to find a picture which appeals to you.



Morning Everyone! Two more days until the Easter Holidays! How many stories with bears, did you think of? I have thought of 6 so far!

For English today, I would like you to write some dialogue between the Bear and his friends at the very end of the story when the bear returns from the city. Remember to use speech punctuation: “hug” what the character is saying with inverted commas and use ? ! or , before the closing inverted commas. Top Tips: 1) Start a new line for every time a new character speaks. 2) Use different words for said

Harry Potter at Home

I’ve just discovered this website today which sounds very exciting!  The are lots of things on here already and it sounds like there are plans for more.  There’s also a link to audible where it says Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is on there for free, particularly handy for those of us in Room 2 as we’ve been reading this this term and the term ended with about 2 chapters left  😩 so it would be great if the children could listen to the end – if you haven’t finished it already!



I hope you enjoyed the story of The Bear and the Piano. How many stories can you think of with bears in them? Shyly, excitedly, speedily are words from the story. Do you know which word class they are from? (verbs? adjectives? adverbs? nouns?) Listen to the story again and see if you can hear them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui8qayYnRWc

Today, we are going to do some work on fronted adverbials. You know all about these as describing the action that follows. There is a word mat here to support you. I will give you the end of your sentences and you have to think of the fronted adverbial to fit with the story. Eg Somewhere deep in the woods, the bear played the piano. Remember to put a comma after the fronted adverbial.


closing sentences for The Bear and the Piano

Challenge: Try writing some of your own sentences using fronted adverbials.