Harry Potter at Home

I’ve just discovered this website today which sounds very exciting!  The are lots of things on here already and it sounds like there are plans for more.  There’s also a link to audible where it says Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is on there for free, particularly handy for those of us in Room 2 as we’ve been reading this this term and the term ended with about 2 chapters left  😩 so it would be great if the children could listen to the end – if you haven’t finished it already!


Wednesday 1.4.20


Please continue with lesson 3 on the White Rose maths work.

Design and Technology

This week would have normally been our D&T week in school.  So I’d like you to try to find some time to practise your cooking and baking skills.  I’ll put a link to a few recipes, however please just do whatever you can with the food that you have and please don’t go out to buy things especially.  Your children could always try to help with making their lunches or helping with the evening meal where appropriate.

So long as they get to practise techniques of mixing, chopping and presentation that’s fine.  The My World Kitchen site is good as it shows good safe techniques especially for children – like putting herbs into a cup to cut with scissors or bashing garlic in a food bag with a rolling pin!  I’d love to see some photos of your creations.   This can be done over the Easter holidays or whenever suits you.






Today we would be doing our last activity on data handling.  I’d like you to try to access the third activity on ilearn2 as last week.


Enter pupil code 6778

scroll down to activity 3.

You’ll need to collect some data for your table using the website suggested – How many different animals can you find for the different habitats?


When you have the data watch the video to see how to create a bar chart.

If you are able to log into your google account again, using your computer login you should be able to use google sheets and save it in your Google drive.


Tuesday 31.3.20

Good morning!  Hope you all had a good day yesterday.

Hope the maths was ok yesterday.  Today we’d like you to look at lesson 2 and try the activities.

We would also have French and PE today so try to get some exercise and have a look on the duolingo site again.


Week 2! Is that all?!

Well done everyone for surviving last week – hope everyone is well and was able to enjoy a bit of the sunshine last week!

For maths this week were going to try something a bit different.  We’d like you to look at the White Rose Home Learning website


This seems good and seems to follow the curriculum for what we would be normally teaching at school and everything for the week is one place.

This week (week 2) is more on fractions – you’ll see there are 5 lessons.  For each there is a presentation, an activity (you can print these or just write out into books as best as you can) and the answers.  They do get tricky so just do as many questions as you can.  If you think your child is struggling at all you can always look back to the week 1 section for a bit of extra practise instead.

Hope this is a bit more straightforward to access.




Spellings 30.3.20

Please practise your spellings in the back of your book, then ask an adult to test you on Friday in the front of your book.


Monday 30.3.20

As well as English and Maths on a Monday we normally have our library session so please find some time to snuggle up with a good book.

After lunch we would continue with our science work.  Please look again at this website


Try section 5 – circuit diagrams.  Try to learn the symbols and copy these our into your book – have a go at drawing a simple circuit as shown using the symbols.

Then try the activity and the quiz.  If you have time you can look at section 3 and 4 as well if you like.  We’ll try to catch up on the practical side when were back in school.